Google Wants to be Your Home Door Delivery Platform for Food Too

May 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Legend has it that search  is best on Google, which is quite unanimously agreed upon by the global community.

Now that gets a true accreditation even with restaurant searches, as you may not want to surf plenty through the restaurant sites for placing home delivery orders now with Google.

Google has added a new feature to its search engine that lets users to place orders directly from the search results.


Users from the US can now mobile search local restaurants, upon which Google will welcome you to the result page with an option to place your orders directly from the page.

As explained in their blog, mobile searches of local food places will now put an option to “Place an order” in the search results.

Clicking on the button will guide you through the delivery service selection process, following which the orders can be completed on the restaurant’s website.

Currently, Google’s order services will incorporate the services of Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu and, which will be further expanded in the near future.

Although currently being available only in the US, the services can be expected to hit the remaining regions too without delay.

Google has been playing a big part in shifting themselves up through the e-commerce platform, without having its footsteps directly placed on it.

The current measure can also be seen as a part of this. Previously, Google boosted the platform by introducing the same direct buy features with e-commerce sites, also popping up an option to search for the product within the search results page of Google.

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