Apple May Offer Free Trials in its Upcoming Music Stream Service

May 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The launch of a music stream app by Apple was being speculated for long and that had been born out of hopes after the acquisition of Beats by Apple.

As we near the annual developer conference, which will be taking place next month, it is almost plain and open that Apple will be debuting its Music service. But Apple is pulling out a jolt out of its sleeve.

Apple’s talks with music labels are still something which is in progression. And it’s said that their intent was never to follow the path laid out by other services like Spotify and Pandora, which has been showering free music stream services for its users.

apple beats

Apple’s upcoming venture has been taking its form as a paid-service instead. Subscriptions to distinct labels and channels may have the money in your wallets deducted.

The company stressing  that there was a lack of revenue generation with free stream services in their negotiations is clear-cut proof that this could happen.

However, they are not entirely wiping out the free stream either. Folks at Recode suggest that Apple could be rolling out free music stream services when the final product is put on show.

The free music stream will be a try-out option for users to run through the services, before they make their decision with the subscription package.

Validity for this free usage is speculated to be up to three months, but the exact period will be fixed only after Apple comes out successful in its negotiations with music labels.

Suggestions are also that users would be able to listen trimmed bits of music tracks without being subscribed from specific channels.

The aim is to let users listen to sample tracks before having the subscription confirmed, similar to those offered in SoundCloud.

Apple will still have its mainline subscription based on payment. Clearly, Apple doesn’t intend to hit the fortune in the path laid out by other services like Spotify and Pandora

Apple will also be having a version of iTunes Radio onboard its new streaming services, for which it has been hiring the expertise in the fields as reported by Music Business World.


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