Flickr Goes Through an Overhaul; New Features Accessible from Multiple Platforms

May 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Yahoo’s massive update of Flickr will bring  a number of tidbits that will assist you in sharing, viewing and accessing of imagery database on the photo sharing platform.

The update has been made for desktop, web and mobile access, through which users will now have access to a new search tool, upload tool and also layout tool to lift your surfing experience inside the database.


The key additions are namely Uploadr, Camer Roll, and Magic View along with other services including a unified search engine.

Uploadr services from Flickr is a new feature that will let you upload the scattered images in your devices on to Flickr, in just a matter of a few clicks.

Uploads can be done by selecting the folders from your desktop or from your mobile devices, and Flickr will have them uploaded in quick time.

The Camera Roll feature will bring forward a new edge to the layout for your image database.

Images can be scrolled with quick gestures on touch screen devices and makes use of the editing features to retouch your image in a never-before manner in Flickr.

Flickr’s image arrangement can be further made orderly with the new Magic View layout that will have your images sorted out and arranged by means of parameters like landscape, people, black and white, abstract, and symmetry.

In effect you could have the set of landscape pictures arranged together, or the group pictures you might have snapped on vacations arranged suitably based on locations.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to see, as there are over 50 ways in which you could try out the Magic View.

There is also this new unified search engine that will give you instant access to pictures you require from the mammoth database. Images can be searched by means of location, date, holidays and other parameters.

Apart from these, Flickr also brings other services like instant sharing and bulk download features to enrich the experience.

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