Next Iteration of Android OS to Debut this Month at Google I/O Conference

May 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In case you own an Android device, the odds are that you might be still waiting to embrace the Lollipop update. Devices bestowed with the Android L OS form only a scarce population among the list.  But even in that scenario, Google is striving to pull out the next big iteration of its Android OS.

Android M / Android 6.0, which will be the upcoming OS iteration of Google for smartphones and tablets, is expected to make its debut during the Google I/O conference this month.

android M

Initial hints got flashed when Google unveiled its schedule for the upcoming conference with Android M listed on it. The name was quickly flushed out, revealing their intent to bring no spoil to the surprise party.

However, the debut seems too feeble to be the bombshell, considering the manner in which it has been filling the news space this year.

Plus, it was during the same event in which Google made the debut of its Android L OS previous year.

So it’s almost a sure shot to count on the Android M launch on May 28, during which the conference will shape up in its full form.

The only bothering among the minds would be of the current distribution of Android L on supported devices. Even being bragged off as a stable version with minimal lags, Android L is yet to embark a major section of devices out there.

Revelations are that only 10% of the current Android running devices boot the latest Android OS on it. And if Google is to rush for the next OS, chances are that Android L would be long forgotten in midst of the version transitions.

Expectations are that the OS will improve the notifications and home features, alongside bringing an improved security offering. Android TV and Auto support are also rumored to be in the package.

Google will probably be rolling it out to the devices during the latter half of this year, aligning with launch of Nexus 5 device. But a shift in the mindset could push the release further, making room for the Android L OS to fill the space.

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