Casings from Nikolas Labs Can Charge Your Smartphone with Radio Waves

May 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wondered what it would take to build a battery that requires zero charging throughout its life? We all must have dreamed of such a blessing that could put the hassling cables or wireless charging technologies dumped to the shelves.

Evolution of technology has solved countless puzzles, and a new startup is now up to solve the aforementioned concern of human beings.

nikolas case

While it debuted previous week, none would have thought it would veritably pull the charging plugs off your smartphone. Their search for the solution has now made the halt with a casing, which aims to induce juice to your battery without any means of charging.

For a minute, you might be thinking of the violations of Newton’s energy postulates. But no, that’s not the case. In fact, Nikolas Labs wants to induce the charge to your devices in disguise. And that’s by accumulating the radio waves hovering in the air, so as to convert them into DC power suitable for smartphones.

The casing will be put for crowd-funding next month by the developers, following which it is expected to come out to the public at an expected pricing of around $99.

These casing also bypass the requirement of any special fittings or electrical arrangement. All you require is to put the sleeve over your iPhones to gasp at the reformed battery performance.

But we are not yet into a stage where a life-long loop of such charging technique is guaranteed, but maybe we are inching closer. These specially designed casings from Nikolas might extend the life of your smartphone by around 30% in effect.

And, that’s by reverting 90% of the 3G, LTE and other radio waves emitted by your devices into battery energy. So speaking on actual terms, even a cent per cent efficient device would actually just double the battery life of your devices.

But that’s the case as of now. No one was aware of such a battery extension technique even a couple of years ago. So who knows what it holds for the future.

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