Volkswagen’s New Apple Watch App Offers Remote Interaction with Your Car

May 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since the debut of Apple Watch last month, automakers are on a run to join the long list of Apple Watch app framers.

Manufacturers like BMW and Porsche have made their timely debut of their dedicated apps on par with the smartwatch launch. Now, the latest to join the bandwagon is none other than German car manufacturer Volkswagen.

The new app from Volkswagen will be the Apple Watch integrated expansion of its Car-Net system made available for iOS devices.


Apart from keeping track of diagnostics and maintenance information of your Volkswagen vehicles, Car-Net on Apple Watch offers a bit more than offered by the rest. And that’s well enough to push their work to the forefront among the off springs of Apple Watch- automaker bonding.

Volkswagen’s Car-Net app let you keep a track of the vehicle even when it is taken for a spin by someone else. That sounds well for the parents who have their children in the driving seat. Alerts can be set in the app, which will notify you when it’s clocked above the speed or distance limit.

Locations could also be tracked remotely, which will be displayed on the Apple Watch display. Other checks like locking of doors and sunroof condition can also be remotely accessed by means of this app.

The new app also lets you unlock your vehicle when you are near the Apple Watch. In-car details which can be accessed include the ones that can be accessed by means of your iOS app: temperature info, battery levels, oil levels and maintenance info.

Car-Net is not however compatible with all Volkswagen models. The app will be compatible with all models that rolled out post 2014 and will also be compatible with select models of 2014.

Volkswagen has also not made it clear as to when the app will get listed in the app store.

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