Microsoft Surface 3 Tipped to Beat the iPad; to Ship with Windows 8.1 OS

May 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What would Microsoft do when it gets so desperate to beat the Apple iPad? Launch a new slate, of course! Yes, that exactly what Microsoft has done now.

The company has lifted the wraps off its new Surface 3, with the promise of bringing to the world a worthy competitor to Apple’s iPad devices.   This, in fact, is interesting as the Apple iPad had been ruling customer minds for long.

surface 3

The hope that the new Surface 3 would work wonders comes from Microsoft’s belief that it has made a rig much better than the Apple offering. The Surface 3 was unveiled in Taiwan this week as convertible tablet computer with business software.

Look deeper and you would find that the Surface 3 is a cheaper and smaller version of the high-end Surface Pro 3. This seems deliberate as Microsoft aims at targeting students and budget-conscious families as its customers.

The company has been reiterating that the Surface 3 is better than the iPad. We need to confrm that by putting it to use, though. Expected to ship with the Windows 8.1 operating system, the option thrown in will allow it to be upgraded to Windows 10 for free when available.

The device comes with 2GB RAM and 64 GB storage capability, while the display is a 10.8-inch full-HD screen. Powered by an Intel Atom quad core processor, the Surface 3 comes with and 8 MP rear shooter.

All of 622 grans in weight, the slate will sell for around $549 when it arrives in the US.  Tipped to double up as a replacement for your laptop when used with a keyboard cover, the Surface 3 also carries with itself one-year subscription of the Microsoft Office 365 Personal suite, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

We are desperate to own one so that we could convince ourselves that his one is the real iPad rival.

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