Bigger Broader Apple iPad Pro Features Rumored

May 5, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cupertino’s wizards are gearing up for something even more interesting than the recently launched Watch, it seems.

We have been hearing lots about the Apple Watch and it looks the company would want to shift our attention towards its new iPad Pro.

As you guessed, this one is sure to come with a larger screen size and much more features than the predecessors.

iPad Pro

What we get to hear is that the new rig would come sporting a broad 12.9-inch display and a few more additions to what we have seen before in the earlier iPad. So that means this one is going to be not just a biger iPad but a slate with more features too.

Going by the info revealed, the device will come with a Force Touch screen, NFC capabilities and a Bluetooth stylus, and may be much more. Though we are still wondering why a Force Touch screen has been incorporated, we guess we will have to wait till Apple brings the Pro on. May be this feature could give the iPad Pro an edge when it comes to apps that depend on pressure sensitivity.

It is also being said that the NFC capability would aid the iPad Pro more as receivers for Apple Pay, thereby removing the need to have a separate NFC-enabled PoS terminal. The NFC could also be used for easier pairing with devices, ay the rumors.

What makes us excited is the stylus, which as you all know , was something that Steve Jobs never wanted in his devices. The Bluetooth Stylus might come to users as  a separate purchase and not part of the pack.

Whatever that could be, we are just waiting to see the device roll out. Aren’t you too?

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