Cree LN Series LED Fixtures Aim at Replacing Fluorescents in Offices

May 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is now time to shed the ugly fluorescent bulbs in your office for the beautiful and smart LED bulbs, says North Carolina based lighting solution providers Cree.

The company has announced the new range of office LED fixtures, named LN series, with an aim to replace the conventional hanging fluorescent ones in the offices with its newbie product.

LED bulbs have been rapidly increasing in terms of its popularity as well as in its presence inside apartments. Mostly, those have been limited to within residential blocks.


A higher initial investment has proved to be the stumbling block for LEDs to carry forward the same to offices and other constructions. Cree in fact envisions toppling the current scenario.

Expectations are the new series would be cheaper in the segment when compared to the likes of Philips and GE.

Apart from that, Cree’s LN series offers a wide range of features that could well put it in the box of preference; the most noted being WaveMax.

The technology offers customization of LEDs without having a compromise on the control, efficiency, and comfort offered by these bulbs.

That gets joined by the SmartCast technology, which would let the LEDs integrate to a hub so as to get it controlled automatically.

SmartCast uses the motion and other lighting details inside a room to turn off the lights automatically if having no motion, or to dim the lights based on the daylight.

cree 2

The LN series also presents a bigger advantage with its design norms. Compared to the normal hanging fluorescent bars used in the office, the LN series offers a reduction of thickness by around 3inches.

The panels are also affixed at an angle to diffuse the light to the entire room space, rather than just directing it to the area beneath.

In terms of brightness, Cree claims the LN series to offer above 100 lumen per watt of efficacies, with a light output delivery of 3400lumens.

Apart from the LN series, Cree has also announced the IG series of light fixtures, which is designed to transmit the light from four vertical panels, arranged cubically.

Pricing of the fixtures has not yet been revealed by Cree, but is expected to be cut down so as to pragmatically spread out the new fixtures.

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