Swift Keyboard Aids You With Not Just Word Suggestions, but Entire Sentences

May 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you thought the auto correct feature in your keyboard is a big boon, here’s something that will prove to be even bigger. A  keyboarding app is now gearing up to correct the entire sentence for you on the go.

Swift Keyboard wants you to not be bothered of the words and  sentences.  The Beta edition of its new Clarity Keyboard has been launched, which can be tried out by Beta participants on Android devices.


Instead of having a check on the spellings of a word, Clarity Keyboard makes use of the neighboring words combo to suggest the right meaningful sentence for the user.

It’s more of a multi-word correction keyboard at this point of time. But we are only standing on the Beta phase, and we believe it could catch up with sentences when coming out in its full form.

Multiword corrections done can also be undone by just tapping the back space button that will put back the words you have typed. The new keyboard also will learn the slangs, nicknames, and phrases quickly than the previous ones.


Product manager Ben Medlock has said that the new feature has been made available as Beta to gather a broader feedback from the users.

Currently, Clarity Keyboard has been molded in Swift Keyboard’s Greenhouse initiative, where apps are developed on an experimental basis.

That certainly suggests the accumulation of positive feedback for Clarity Keyboard when it evolves in its full form.

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