Microsoft Opening Up App Terrain

May 1, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is a reason why Windows smartphones are scrambling low in the present day smartphone market. And that’s the lack of availability of apps that get adjusted with Windows Phone.

There will only be nominal number of people who would give the thumbs up to a ‘smartphone’ which supports minimal smart apps.

Microsoft however has now realized this aspect and is now opening up the possibilities for an expansion with the regard.

windows phone

While speaking at San Francisco on Wednesday at the developer conference, the  company’s Vice President Terry Myerson stressed on the need to wipe away the concern of scarcity in apps from the Windows Phone and tablets.

He elaborated on a major leap Microsoft would be taking in the coming days so as to broaden the app section listed out in their app store. And that would be coupled well with the current dominating OSes out there –  Android and iOS.

Myerson explained how Microsoft will now ease the path for developers to bring out apps compatible on Windows Phone.

And it’s for this very own measure that Microsoft will be pulling out a new developer coding stratagem that will bypass the requirement of an entirely novel coding for the Windows OS.

Developers could use most of the Android coding designed for their apps, which can later be made compatible on Windows Phone by means of a special subsystem.

Instead of accessing Google services such as Google Maps, these apps would gain access for Microsoft services when stepping down to the Windows OS. In effect, the apps would be made available as Windows apps through Microsoft’s app store.

On a similar note, the Microsoft developer software will now offer compatibility for Objective C, which will let Apple app developers to spur the same coding for Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s new development is one of the major shifts that is expected to rake in a better stake for the company in the market. Currently, they form only 3% of the overall smartphone market, which is dominated by Android smartphones with a mammoth 81% share. iOS devices stands just beneath Android with an overall share of 15% .

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