Time to Go O: oMedia Platform for Personal Sensory Experience Debuts

April 22, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s now time to go o! From oNotes to oBooks, oSongs and oClothing, whatever you do can have an ‘o’ suffix, thanks to Vapor Communications’ launch of oMedia.

In case you are wondering what it is all about, we need to tell you that the company, a pioneer in in scent delivery systems, has brought to you this new platform for integrating scent messages or oNotes, into a range of consumer products including oBooks, oSongs and oClothing.

Goldilocks 2

If you would want to have a first-hand experience on what we are talking about, all you need to do is to visit oNotes.com and you will know that oMedia products are all available for you to buy there and you can do that with the use of scent cartridges called oChips.

What the launch means to you could be an opportunity to experience scent in your lives and media practice as you do today light and sound, with almost endless diversity and personal control, explains a statement from Vapor. We are told that the oNotes website will be accompanied by the first generation of the oNotes app, freely available in the Apple App Store for iPad.

If you remember, Vapor had brought in the oPhone last year. The company has added that the design, delivery, and experience of oNotes, and now oMedia, for entertainment, personal environmental control, health, as well as marketing of products and experiences with rich aromatic value has generated broad industry interest.

Going by what the oMedia founder David Edwards says, olfactory sensations trigger emotions and memories  and  nobody has until now thought about how to deliver scent as a true messaging platform. What vapor does now is try and build the platform with diverse partners in fashion, food, literary, entertainment and automotive fields. So what we have are electronic books called oBooks made with scent-tagged images, oNotes. That also means that when you read you will also be able to oNotes on your oPhone and smell the images in the book.

The company has roped in Melcher media to offer a scent emanating variant titled Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Smelly Version. The version is now showcased at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. What has gone into its making are fruit scents and has been designed to guide kids to the extent they pay close attention to the delicious smells of apricot, citrus, and passion fruit and crave fruit over unhealthy foods as published research suggests that smelling fruit inclines us to eat fruit.

Meanwhile, oSongs come in the form of musical compositions accompanied by olfactory compositions. A composition by Canadian-Hungarian composer Dániel Péter Biró with olfactory composition by master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, titled Memory: Witness of the Unimaginable is exhibited at the Le Laboratoire Cambridge.

These apart, clothes with scent logos, made of Wearable oNotes that slide into specially made eyelets.  The first oClothing takes the shape of an oBracelet leather strap you can wear around your wrist. The bracelet houses a Wearable oNote that emits a personal scent with the duration of many weeks.

So, what do you think, folks!

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