Disney Researching with 3D Printers that Can Forge Cuddly Stuff

April 22, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Disney’s connection with the world of 3D is something known even to the kids. The company does have its flag fluttering from the pinnacle of heights with amazing 3D animation stuff. So it isn’t at all new when you hear of Disney and 3D being bonded together.

But their new association is not different from what have been spoken of earlier.

Researchers at Disney are now having a new venture lined up in the 3D world. And this time, it’s the new frenzy of 3D printing that has been keeping them busy.


The new experiment has now finally resulted in a 3D printer which, instead of plastics and metals, will have fabric-drawn 3D objects.

As explained in their blog, Disney’s 3D printer makes use of laser cutting technology to contour the desired shape on a 2D fabric sheet.

The same is applied on distinct sheets of fabric, which are later glued together by means of heat sensitive adhesive to bring out a cube like design, with a layered arrangement of fabrics.

The structure is processed for the final touches, under which the extra materials are peeled off to bring out the final shape.

Although with the process being same as that of normal 3D printing, Disney’s 3D printer uses fabric materials, which in turn opens up a wide range of applicability for the products printed.

These mainly aim at the manufacture of next-generation computer peripheral equipments, for which Disney has already performed testing.

Their list of 3D printed device using the new printer includes a computer touch sensor made in the shape of a starfish toy; with another one being a smartphone casing that is NFC capable.

We would have to wait even further to see the real fruit of this venture. 3D printing is yet to broaden scope, but efforts like the one from Disney are giving new heights and hopes with the 3D printing, yielding products of various utility apart from just being 3D shaped models.

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