New Google App Lets You Locate your Lost Android Smartphones

April 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tracking down an Android device using Device Manager can rub the wrong way, at least for some. That, by no means, puts the blame on the app. But it’s just that one may not have the patience required when looking for his misplaced or lost smartphone. Now here’s a handy way to access the same services without entering Device Manager.

On Wednesday, Google unveiled a new feature that lets users locate their lost smartphones through the search engines. All it requires is to have your Google app updated in your Android smartphone.


The next time you login to your search engine via PC, you could locate your device by typing ‘find my phone’ in the search bar.

Your device will be zeroed in accurately. You could also switch between your various Android devices from the drop-down menu on the top right corner.

It must be made sure that you must be logged in to the PC with the same account as that of in the device you need to locate. Google will instantly have your devices located, and will even provide an option to ring your smartphone for five minutes, if it is nearby.

It’s a good way to bypass the Device Manager services, but it comes as no sort of a refined process from those offered by the Device Manager. Google will still have to access your network connections, which in case of a stolen phone would prove to be useless in most cases. But at least it gives an instant access to track your device ones misplaced.

Also tracking down your device using the search engine may not help to remotely lock or erase the data from your devices. You would still have to access the Android Device Manager services to perform those.

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