Apple May Keep 4K Streaming Off its Next-Gen Apple TV

April 7, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is all set to release their latest version of the Apple TV this year. Earlier speculations had told us about the inclusion of 4K streaming services in it. But it looks like that is no t a possibility.

Initial reports of the 4K streaming compatibility got its spark ever since the recognition of 4K video playback support by the newly developed A8 processors from Apple.

The 64-bit chip was heavily billed to be included in the upcoming Apple TV, the previous November.


But as we step closer to launch, we believe that is just another false speculation. Folks at BuzzFeed were   the ones who reported that the 4K streaming feature would be missing, and as they have cited reference to insiders, we need to believe them.

As it seems, 4K is now becoming the next-gen leap of TV vendors and cable providers. But at this point, it may still require a broader timeframe , so as to step up as a mainstream essential.

Ultra HD TVs are yet to spruce in to the home entertainment field massively. Apart from that, the provision for a 4K bandwidth will only increase the stress upon their current bandwidths.

All these have to be complied with, keeping in mind the price range. Apple TV service is facing wider competition with the vast amount of similar service offerings, including the net-based TV services.

And in such a situation, it may not seem apt to have a price-hike in terms of 4K usage, given that the services still remain limited.

We are not sure as to when the next Apple TV will be making its debut. Earlier reports suggested it to be by the mid of this year, with the device expected to hit the stores later.

There are also reports of an online-based TV service that has been planned by Apple, much to the likes of the recently launched Sony Vue services.

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