Xiaomi Eyes Double Whammy  by Readying MIUI 7 OS Along with Mi5

April 6, 2015, By Daniel Rapcencu

We finally have some info of the next flagship smartphone in the Mi series from Xiaomi. And akin to having two for the price of one, the news related with the next MIUI iteration has also been psyching up alongside.

The Chinese manufacturer is reported to be aiming at launching the new Mi5 smartphone with MIUI 7 OS packed to run out of the box.

Xiaomi has been working close with Android custom ROM developers Android Open Kang Project (AKAP) for the development of their next customary OS in MIUI series. The tie-up was confirmed with the commencement of the work being announced by Team Kang in their blog.


The blog states that the new MIUI & will also be based on Android 5.1, which will let the MI users to behold the prime update of Lollipop for the first time. The new OS will debut in the upcoming flagship smartphone, Mi5 as announced in the blog.

Codenamed as the MiKangy, the new OS is to bring out a fresh appearance to the MIUI, which also includes a bit of adoptions from other custom ROMS such as CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid, Omni, and AOKP.

The new OS would also be made heavily customizable as stated in the blog as “to create an experience that would completely submerge the user in his own world”.

The new tie-up also hints of an entirely revamped user interface to be featured in the upcoming OS. Their previous iteration, the MIUI 6-although being solid with its build and customization features- was heavily criticized for its imitation of the iOS.

Xiaomi has not yet made any official announcement for their upcoming smartphone and OS.

However, it recently slashed the prices of Mi4, the current flagship phone, which does hint at a possible launch of Mi5 not far from now. Expectations are that the new device will be heading out within this year.

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