Facebook Churns Out Riff, a Collaborative Video App

April 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s an entirely linked up social world out there on Facebook. Likes, shares, comments, tags –  all these just let your presence logged on in the whole lot of activities of your social hook-ups.

Keeping this in mind, Facebook has just brought in a new app that lets you to be involved in the short-life videos put on board by your friends.


Riff, the new video app by Facebook, wants you to be collaborative with your contacts. The platform is similar to that of video services from Snapchat and Vine. You’ve got the services to upload and share a short video running for just seconds.

Put them out to your social world and people around can expand your video by merging their own. The focus here is to bring out viral videos that have a hand of involvement from more than just one account.

Users could upload videos of up to 20 seconds on their social space, which could be altered and merged by the ones who happen to pass an eye through it.

Similarly, the ones uploaded by your friends will also get popped up on your list so that you could enrich it by adding your own piece of work to it.

It does make sense when you want to knock up a massive viral video like the Harlem Shake, or to have an assay with certain interesting topics.

You will also be offered suggestions of trending topics so as to get your video roam around along a broader circle.

The app comes out from the Creative Labs Division of Facebook, whose journey until now hasn’t been riding on a smooth surface. Their previous efforts like Paper, Rooms, and Groups were  subject to widespread agitation, some of which even have  been pulled back by the creators.

The stand-alone app is now available for download both on iOS as well as Android stores.

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