Sponsored Video: Toyota Brings Sustainable Urban Mobility to Shape the City of Tomorrow

March 28, 2015, By Alex Ion

One of the great things about working from home is the gridlock that you avoid every dawn and dusk!

However, not all of us have the luxury of turning home into an office and this means a two-way trip each day meandering through dust, pollution and congested roads all while trying to beat the clock and your own frustration. Yet the Cité lib by Ha:mo promises to change all that and revamp the roads of the future and way we perceive the daily commute as it taps into the full, eco-friendly potential of the ultra-compact i-ROAD electric vehicle from Toyota.

The project was kickstarted in the French city of Grenoble with 35 units of each COMS and i-ROAD and 27 charging stations across the city will power them up on their daily adventure!

In essence, the project aims to redefine the lines between personal and public transport, allowing these three-wheeled wonders from Toyota to serve daily commuters with flexibility and ease. But this ingenious ‘last mile’ service is not just about making roads less congested and your daily commute easier as its green credentials help in keeping the city air a lot cleaner and far more planet-friendly.

With zero carbon emissions and non-reliance on fossil fuel, the EV seems like a dream vehicle for the tomorrow’s world where eco-consciousness and alternate energy will dictate the both economics and ergonomics! Adding to quality of the overall service in Grenoble will be the Cité lib by Ha:mo app, which will allow users to book their i-ROAD vehicles in advance, chart routes and link up with other public transport facilities in tome for their office commute.

Revamping the traditional idea of car sharing and making the city cleaner, greener, safer and far less chaotic, this is a project one hopes other cities across the world will borrow from. For now, you can check it out yourself next time you visit lovely Grenoble… And we strongly suggest you do!

This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all thoughts are our own

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