New Macbook Arrives with Force Touch to Make Your Fingers Feel the Response

March 26, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For some reason, it feels good when a smartphone arrives with a physical button rather than just a touch interface. Physical response is always the one that satisfies the human feel. Apple is now stepping up to make you go through the same feel.

The new Macbook launched with the retina display feature now has something more alluring with its track pad, a Taptic Engine which first got featured on the Apple Watch.

force sensor

Force Touch, as it is called by Apple, will make you feel touches which aren’t quite real. That’s achieved with the help of an electromagnetic motor, oscillating the desired frequencies for the purpose.

Apple’s tactile feedback is not just pleasing with mere touches of buttons as to make it feel like a physical keypad, but also in other utilities, like to say in games where you could be feeling the tension of the string when you ready your firepower in Angry Birds.

And these could only be the beginning, for we could witness the same heading on to the normal touch-screen.

Apple is said to be having plans to expand the tactile feedback further to iPads and iPhones

Apart from the tactile feedback, Apple has also made sure to expand the reach of its pressure-force detection.

Besides the bottom region, Apple has now placed the sensors around the corners, which lets it capture the pressure variation from all parts.

Apple’s new pressure detection will let users have varying clicks for varying purposes. Like you click the touchpad lightly and your Macbook will realize that you may not want to select and drag an item. Similarly, an intense click will produce click and drag.

And we also have dedicated devices that have been designed to capitalize on this pressure force detection, like the one that aids in drawing purposes.

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