Logitech MX Master Mouse is Splendid that Your Palms will Certainly Fall in Love with It

March 26, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Had it been a few years back, controlling your mouse was just a matter of clicking left and clicking right and an occasional scroll.

But with the sheer advancement of multitasking and faster performance, the handy peripheral now throws us the option to make the click with more than just two fingers.

And making the most of it for over years has been Logitech, who has now comes up with the third-gen range of the MX series.

MX master1

MX Master, is not essentially a gaming mouse. But this is the one that brings in the robust functionalities you may have dealt with when using the modern track-pads, and the Master does offer even more.

Yes, you have the buttons placed neatly on the sides of your thumb, and even beneath it. That’s inevitable when you know it’s coming from Logitech. How about something new there, for your thumb to scroll on?

introduced along with the thumb buttons is a new scroll button, that will let you scroll pages horizontally, or make a switch between the tabs; and that’s purely your choice. MX Master offers customization to each button, so that it’s you who decide what to bring on with each click.

Let’s not forget the main scroll wheel by dipping into the new one. The scroll wheel now comes with speed-adaptive techniques. scroll the wheel swiftly and it just spins smoothly, and without any feel of the clicks.

MX master2

That’s not it. We all realize how hectic it becomes when plugging your device with multiple devices. Well, there’s no place for such worries if you have the MX Master. With Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity for up to three devices, MX Master can switch between these connected devices with simple switches offered beneath these devices. You may not worry about switching the dongles anymore.

A single recharge will have this wireless device running for around 40 days. Logitech has priced the device at $100, which can be a concern. But if you think again, you would realize you won’t get better choices than this ‘precision instrument’. Check out more of it in their website here .

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