HTC One M9 Makes You Wonder What’s New Compared with its Predecessor

March 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The case with HTC is quite dithering to grasp. They do have a muster of smartphone products which, for Android lovers, provide some of the most pleasing deals they could imagine.

Yet, their share in the market has been putting these thoughts in bad light.

Last year, they prompted the eyeballs to stay glued to their flagship device, HTC One M8, which for over a period reigned supreme as the most powerful device in the market.


For that reason, much was expected when they were setting the stage for the launch of its successor, HTC One M9.

But as a matter of fact, they have failed to effect the big leap with this new product, and that explains the lukewarm presence of the rig at the marketplace.

There is not an iota of a doubt about the performance of the smartphone, but what it puts on is a sounding gap with that of its predecessors.

We do know the case of Samsung. The yearly launches of their Galaxy smartphones were quite intriguing, but the accustomed design layout and spec parameters have proven to be the reason for its backfiring.


In this case, we have a 3GB RAM running in HTC One M9, that comes accompanied by a Snapdragon 810 SoC along with 32 GB on-board storage.

Ample enough for a flagship smartphone, provided there’s also an option for expanding the storage up to 128GB.

But moving out of all that, what is depressing is that you wouldnt be able to spot the difference with its predecessor. We have a 20 MP camera replacing the 5MP Ultrapixel camera, and in truth, both of them fail to capture the moments in a manner you would expect from a flagship smartphone.

The Sense interface doesn’t add much sense either, unless you are an ardent fan of customization.

Worst of all, HTC seems to be stuck the Full HD era, where its premium flagship model boasts a Full HD display in the midst of the rivals that offer QHD display. The one included is certainly not primitive, but also this is not what you expect when you shell out a hefty sum.

The bottom-line here is that for tho se who don’t bother to have a comparison with its rival or with any product from HTC, the One M9 is simply the product you can own.

But for people who really do look at the comparison aspect, this is not what they would want. May be they would have to wait for the HTC One M9+, which is rumored to be coming soon.

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