Facebook Eyes Game-Changer Move with Third-Party App Integration in Messenger

March 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Staying right at the top is always a big thing. Toppling the rivals is one affair, and keeping the gap with the bottom ones is another.

Facebook may have got no regrets with its Messenger app giving up the top spot to Whatsapp. They are now coming up with some hefty changes.

Mashable now reports that the upcoming F8 Developer Conference will witness Facebook shifting its gear for its Messenger service, and we are sure that would be a blessing for all those who have been forced to use the services out of choice.


The changes will include a third-party integration to nurture the Messenger services, which may include up to 20 app services.

It’s not yet clear who would be the partners that would be joining hands with the Messenger services, but the move is sure to be welcomed open-heartedly by its users.

Messenger upon its intro was received with a wide backlash, which further agitated when Facebook wanted to pull out message services from the parent app.

Although coming from some unaccredited sources, the move does hold promise. Messenger is now revolving around more as a stand-alone app rather than just being an add-on to Facebook. The recent inclusion of cash transfer services suggests the same.

Moreover, they do realize the threat posed by the rest like WeChat, Line and the like. Expectations of languishing in the same spot don’t seem sensible without any revamp.

The F8 Developer Conference will be commencing next week at San Francisco, where we would also expect other major announcements like the rumored Oculus VR updates.

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