Google Does All it Can to Stay as Default Search Engine on Firefox Browsers

March 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Google set its sight upon the world of browsers, Firefox was pretty well alarmed of the peril it would be dealing in its two-horse race with IE.

And soon afterwards, it took no much time for Chrome to be the pet among users, shifting the epicenter of the race to Firefox and Chrome .

Several measures were lined up by Firefox and they aimed at tackling the successful run of its rival.

Last November, Firefox came up with something that was in fact directed towards the parent service of the multi-tech company.


Mozilla decided to make a switch with its default browser, giving up the world’s favorite search engine from Yahoo, and ending up with a nifty result.

The period witnessed one of the biggest ever jumps in the search-hits with Yahoo across the US, which also equally brought down the hits for Google.

Ever since, Google had been stepping up its strategy. Earlier measures included listing out steps for its Firefox users on how to switch back to Google search engine as default. And as if that wasn’t enough, Google highlighted the option of making it the default search engine on their homepage, which now also gets popped-up with the search results.

Stats for the month of February now show that Google has hiked up a share of its lost percentage from the previous months. On the other hand, Yahoo witnessed a drop of around 10% of the search queries during that period.

Those numbers are without the mobile hits for searches, whose consideration would give Google an upper hand over its rivals, Yahoo and Bing.

Google’s efforts are still carrying on its run across Firefox browsers, where it is pleading with the users to resort to Google for search queries. The new stats would sure let them breathe easy.

But who knows, maybe they would have a further push with the numbers.

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