Ugadi wishes, greetings, photos and quotes in great demand

March 20, 2015, By S Ranjita

People in India are celebrating Ugadi today. The day marks the beginning of new year as per Hindu rituals, and people will be celebrating this day with full splendor and glory.

The festival is celebrated in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the name of ‘Ugadi’, but in Maharashtra, it is called ‘Gudi Padwa’.

‘Ugadi’ is also trending in internet. People from the ‘Ugadi’ celebrating states are searching all over the internet to find quotes and messages to post as their social networking statuses. They are also searching for wishing messages to send their dear ones. Check Ugadi greetings here.

‘Ugadi’ related images are another searching topic in Google and in other search engines. People are using these images as their social media profile picture during the day, and today, almost 70% of Indian social media profiles will be filled with these ‘Ugadi’ Images.

Ugadi greetings

Indian people used to celebrate ‘Ugadi’ by preparing a special dish called ‘Ugadi Pachhadi’. This dish is a specific mixture of six tastes, and it is being widely served all over Karnataka during the day.

‘Obbattu’ is another dish which will be seen in Indian homes during the day of ‘Ugadi’. Check Ugadi Quotes here.

Ugadi day begins with ritual showers, and then the celebration begins. People who live in the far corners also used to reach their ancestral home during the festival, and they will celebrate the festival with their family members and relatives.

Major cities in India will be completely dipped in a festival mood during the Ugadi day. In cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad people used to celebrate the festival together irrespective of the regional barriers.

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