Tesla to go Autonomous Soon; Elon Musk Reveals Future Upgrade Plans  

March 20, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dreams are big for Tesla Motors. When you have Elon Musk in the driving seat, you certainly cannot step off from aiming high.

And the big thing is that much of those aims have always seen light.

But post all the dreams that have been envisioned till now, their new aim touches something that could redefine the driving norms of the future.


Making an announcement of their latest update, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has not forgotten to pull off a surprise package as he does usually. The word was on autonomous driving, which could be seen embracing the Tesla models pretty soon than you could expect.

Speaking of the next big step, Musk has said that a new software upgrade is expected to be rolled out within three months so as to let you drive the Model X and Model S vehicles hands-free.

Although classifying it to be ‘autonomous’, Tesla’s efforts are not something that would resemble the efforts of Google’s autonomous drive or the other tested models across the world. In fact, the feature is more inclined to the auto-pilot and cruise features in your vehicles.

Tesla’s software upgrade will let your vehicles update to run on Freeways on their own, but still may require certain level of assistance from you.

That certainly won’t be a big concern for Tesla owners, given the rush of the new feature to embrace the models.

And Tesla also does ensure  a bigger update waiting for a roll out during the later months, which will let you have your car drive towards you all by itself using a Summon button in your smartphone app.


However, the feature won’t be functioning on public roads due to rules and regulations. And so, it still needs to be seen how Tesla would be planning to keep a check on this.

The event was to launch the new software upgrade for its entire series of models, which brings a bettered range along with some safety tweaks.

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