Microsoft Officially Pulls the Wires Off Internet Explorer

March 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The twenty year old brainchild of Microsoft has now been finally given the official nod for its mercy killing. Internet Explorer, through which we all may have come to know of the word browsers, is getting set to have its final honors before moving out of the way for the upcoming revamped browser for Windows 10, codenamed Project Spartan.


Microsoft has confirmed that they have been working on the new browser for Windows 10, for which they are now researching a new name.


Alongside, they have also said that the IE will continue on some versions, mainly to deal with the compatibility issues for various enterprises. With that said, Microsoft has now spilled the beans over the recent rumors which reported over the rebranding of Internet Explorer.

Recent era has witnessed a heap of unsuccessful efforts from Microsoft to get rid of the hatred opinion among users, which included an ad campaign which mocked the IE 6 edition itself.

Although with the recent editions of the browser appearing to be much stable, Microsoft has failed to take their beloved browser to any where near to the rivals from Mozilla or Google.

The announcement was made at the Microsoft Convergence event at Monday, during which they prioritized their focus on the new browser for Windows 10. It’s not yet disclosed whether the upcoming browser would be carrying the Microsoft branding along with its name.

It’s also believed to boost the browsing experience with integrated Cortana features and better layout compared to the predecessor.

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