Xiaomi Fitness Tech Will Now be Aiding New Range of Smart Shoes from Li-Ning

March 17, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For many, the name Xiaomi applies to only smartphones and tablets. But besides their mainstream business, Xiaomi has opened up their concerns also in keeping us fit and healthy with their fitness bands, tracking basic physical activities.

As part of a tie-up with footwear maker Li-Ning, Xiaomi will be now lending its fitness technology to the latter to enrich the smartphone integrated fitness tracking services with the help of smart shoes.

The activities would include tracking down your movement related activities to calculate various aspects such as calorie burnt, average sleep time, and so on.


Li-Ning will also be working with Huami Technology, working under the ownership of Xiaomi, to nurture the fitness concerned features that would be provided in their footwear. The duo have been engaged for over a year, and have also developed a dedicated chip for tracking down running and exercise stats.

Xiaomi, being a name established in the mobile business globally, has been associated with varied products since its advent.

The array includes a fitness band, called Mi Band, previously launched alongside Mi3 smartphone, and had aimed to offer basic tracking activities with the help of Android smartphones.

Other partner tie-ups have also brought out distinct products like air purifiers.

Although being in the top-five list among the smartphone vendors globally, Xiaomi has not yet launched their remaining range of products as massively like their smartphone.

However, the company has been now prioritizing to boost its market share outside its homeland, which includes the signing of an apparel deal with NBA player Dwayne Wade.

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