Tesla’s Upcoming Software Upgrade will Let You Shut Out Concerns over Charge 

March 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those driving the EVs surely do know the angst they deal with when running out of charge. So does Tesla chief Elon Musk.

This Thursday, he will be stepping out to get rid of those worries that leave you with no option, but to pop your eyes at the blinking warning.

The Tesla founder has hinted at the possible new announcement through his social media account, which also vowed to end the ‘range anxiety’ for Tesla users.

The conference, scheduled at 9 AM on Thursday, will be announcing Tesla’s new OTA software upgrade that aims at bettering the range for not just the new models, but for the entire vehicles under its S series.


Although it is one that offers the longest range among EV, Tesla has failed to create what it requires to entirely wipeout the prime concern which EVs deal with. A single charge on a Tesla EV assures coverage of more than 250kms. However, the number still remains a worry for long distance travelers.

Intercity Superchargers has been installed across many locations. But they have not yet matched the high numbers of gas filling stations, and that remains one of the main factors pulling the eager buyers of fuel powered vehicles towards Tesla.

Around 80% of the involved drivers  in a survey reported that they have been concerned of the range EVs offer.

One of the highlights would be the OTA upgrade option, which would skip the need of pulling your vehicles to the garage for an upgrade.

However, it still needs to be seen whether it would be brought in with a reduction to the power capabilities. As long as the EV users are concerned, that won’t be a big miss though.

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