Flying Cars from AeroMobil to Take Flight by 2017

March 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever mused over the next arenas upon which automotive engineering would be stepping its foot next? Ask Juraj Vaculik of AeroMobil and the answer would seem interesting.

Leading the men at AeroMobil, Vaculik has been dealing with the book works on flying cars. And it soon may turn into a reality. We have set our eyes at many experimental flying cars that have been tested, and some grounded, across many parts of this world.

But this flying machine from AeroMobil is speaking of the real deal; entering commercial production.


Speaking at a presentation at the South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, AeroMobil CEO Vaculik said that he believes his flying cars could be hitting the markets by 2017. With a raneg of around 700 kilometers on regular gasoline, the extremely costly flying car would be aiming at the adorers of wealthy supercars and also flight enthusiasts, and will also be arriving in limited numbers.

And don’t bother yourself for jumping out of the car in case of any piloting failure, the vehicle does offer auto-deploying parachutes, just like you have the auto-deploying airbags in your on-ground vehicles.

Also in the anvil is an aero-taxi service that could favor the passengers just like how Uber and Lyft do on the ground. Autonomous flying vehicles are those that are been considered by the company, which may embark its journey shortly after the sale of their first batch of flying cars.

AeroMobil demonstrated their advanced prototype during previous fall in Vienna, which also displayed how it could fit into normal parking spaces alongside take-off capabilities. It required a run-way strip of around 200 meters, which the company believes could be firmly established around highways and other such areas.

There still remain some lumber blocks clogging their way ahead in the form of financial worries as well as regulatory norms. But AeroMobil boasts full fledge of support from the European Union, which certainly gives hope that we could witness the new flying roadster up above our heads by 2017.

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