Eyefi New Mobi Pro Wi-Fi SD Card Comes Big, Lets You Decide What to Transfer

March 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphones these days enjoy tech brilliance compared to the regular cameras. But the professional shutterbugs  still would vouch for the cameras.

The dedicated photo snapping devices have taken things far ahead indeed. Among the innovations are the latest crop of Wireless SD cards.

Not quite a big-hit among casual photo lovers for its hefty price-tag, the ones seriously involved with capturing the world around them have found them a must buy.


Eyefi, one of the best in the field of wireless SD cards, is giving out few more whys and wherefores to go for the wireless transfer with its new Mobi Pro Wi-Fi SD cards .

Announced as the ‘most powerful wireless card ever’, Eyefi has brought in the heftiest of the available wireless cards from their series. With their previous Mobi cards supporting only 8 and 16 GB storage, the new Mobi Pro has raised the bar with the 32 GB space availability.

What it brings into the data transfer arena is the support for transferring RAW files to your mobiles or computers. Previously, the support was only limited to JPEG files.

And in case you do not want to exchange all your pictures like with the previous sync feature, Mobi Pro has a way out for that too. Images that are to be transferred can now be selected, unlike in the previous wireless cards which passed on each and every pictures from your camera.


Another feature is the integration with your home Wi-Fi networks that would usher in the transfer speed by some good amounts. Previously, even with the availability of trusted networks, Mobi Wi-Fi cards prefer device Wi-Fi connectivity, which may not be swift in all cases. The same applies now if you are not in range of any home networks.

Similar to the previous versions, all of these features don’t come cheap. The Mobi Pro Wi-Fi is priced at $99, which although may not bother the ones that spend a good time with their cameras.

The pricing will also let you keep in touch with the cloud services for one year, after which you can renew your services for a payment of $49 for a year.

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