Apple’s New Macbook: What’s Good and What’s Disappointing

March 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Whenever Apple makes some key product announcements, they make sure to hide the ‘overpriced’ tag with their own trademark touches. With the recent announcement of the new MacBook, they have done that yet again.

Priced at $1299, Apple has just unveiled their thinnest ever Macbook that boasts a wide array of features.

However, the device is not a no-shoddy device either. Similar to the previous Macbooks, the new one too has some shortcomings, which may or may not get deemed critical.

AppleMacBook (1)

Of all the goodies with the new Macbook, the design really stands out as the one that would put the predecessors to shame. With a mere thickness 13.1 mm, the device weighs only 2.03 pounds. But a let-down still prevails over its color availability. Buyers will have to comply with the gold or grey shades. And any expectation of Apple coming up with a black Macbook still remains an expectation.

Apple has done a decent job with the display. The LED-backlit Retina display  2304×1440 pixels resolution is indeed a worthy upgrade, but that doesn’t help it to join hands with any of its inside spec line up.

What it offers is the Intel Core M processor variants with 1.1, 1.3 and 1.5 GHz speeds. For a device that has its pricing well over the $1K mark, it certainly seems to be underpowered.

Neither does the battery assure that it would run your device for more than 10 hours. And that’s when the Macbook Pro gives a life of up to 12 hours.


The same imbalance has been lunged onto its external hardware. We have an impeccably designed keyboard that comes with Force Touch trackpad, letting you customize the trackpad based on the pressure exerted.

But what do we have for our video-conference requirements? A 480 p camera when even the cheapest of affordable ones now offer a HD switch. Macbook cameras are never something meant for selfie snapping, so Apple might disappoint a certain section of your users.

Given that the Macbook Pro features even robust performance, buying a Macbook won’t be the first choice that would come up in many minds. The pricing does have a big hand in that too.

With the new Macbook device, we certainly can’t come up with any big justification that could make us forget the hefty price-tag of the device.

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