Rotating Cameras Could Ensure a Spot in the Upcoming Asus Zenfone

March 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember the funky little innovations Nokia brought during their time of reign? Those were plenty in numbers.

And the one that was offered much awesome photo snapping features included the camera-centric 5700 device, which had let us point the shooter at any angle without rotating the device entirely.

And if that’s how David Chang defines the word rotatable, then we could soon hand an Asus Zenfone device that adapts this innovation.


Speaking of the company’s plans for the upcoming Zenfone, Asus financial chief David Chang has hinted that the next in their popular smartphone series would be dedicated to the camera freaks out there.

A selfie-centric smartphone is what is now being touted as getting ready at the manufacturing tables of the company, and David Chang has suggested that it would be featuring a ‘rotatable camera’.

Supposed to be launched during the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the selfie-centric Zenfone was met with a delay and is now pushed for a debut during the third quarter of 2015. That certainly means that Asus is still carrying out hardware work with their new Zenfone device.

Further details have not yet been revealed and we don’t even have a clue on what all it would feature, except for the guarantee that it would be cherishing the selfie-snappers.

Recently, they have launched their second range of Zenfone series smartphone, which also featured a camera-centric device although not specifically for snapping selfies.

The Zenfone Zoom was launched with a 16 MP camera and included features like laser auto-focus, optical image stabilization, dual-LED flash, and 3x optical zoom.

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