Skepticism Continues Over UP3 Release as Jawbone Struggles to Cope with QC Concerns

February 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Back in November, when Jawbone announced its most ambitious wearable till date, many thought that it would be wrapping their wrists within a month, or at least a couple of them.

But since then, the ambitious device has been met with piles of lumber blocks that have been clogging its smooth entry into the market.

The recent news is that we may not be witnessing its release soon, as TechCrunch reports a further delay incorporated in its path towards the retail.


The hamper has been cited due to issues with effective quality control, specifically due to the massive scale of production they have been dealing with.

The company spokesperson has admitted they haven’t yet made up their minds for final release date, adding that they won’t be in for a gallop to stick to an early release.  However, they have explained that they are hoping to spell out a release date soon as possible to the eager ones out there.

Jawbone Up3 is being touted as the best ever from the wearable manufacturer, and it is expected to lay equal emphasis on walk-less fitness activities including REM, Light, and Deep sleep stages. The device was announced with a heart-rate monitor sensor and packed a bettered motion tracking technology and Smart Coach feature.

The device had its first stagger back in December, when the expected shipping gap was stretched to 9 weeks from six in their website . The pre-orders for the device were commenced on November 7th, and are still open in its online store for $180, with the word that shipping will be commenced within 10-11 weeks.

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