Ericsson Accuses Apple of Patent Violation

February 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Being a tech-giant is as hard. Competing with rivals is one thing, but even stiffer is to go through the narrow path of not being charged with any implications for patent violation.

Apple, one of the largest names in business hasn’t been someone successful in going through that shallow path. The most recent is an arrow directed far from the east towards the Cupertino-based company.

Swedish company Ericsson has stepped in for a confrontation with Apple, accusing them of violation of many of their patents. They include technologies that are being used in their iPhones as well as other devices.


In a statement released by Kasim Alfalahi, head of intellectual property at Ericsson, it has been explained that the company has sought assistance from the International Trade Commission, and also from the court in this matter.

The absence of license for using the technologies is what Ericsson has accused the tech-counterparts to be doing.

Although not shedding light on the technologies that have violated the patency, Ericsson has hinted that some it’s technologies like live-stream of television shows and favorite app access from smartphones that have been developed by them.

Two complaints have been filed in the ITC, while seven accusations were charged in a court located at Texas. Ericsson has urged imposing a marketing ban on Apple smartphones that are deemed to have undergone patent violation.

It took no much time for a response to be sent out from Apple. They have accused excessive royalty charges demanded by Ericsson and have also filed a suit claiming lack of industry standards for Ericsson’s patents.

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