Samsung Galaxy S6 Would Look to Stay Clear of the Hate its Predecessor Garnered

February 27, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In just 48 hours, we could be puffing and panting at the dazzling S6, only if the fanfare surrounding it turns out to be true. And, we have no shortage in terms of what was mentioned in the latter part.

Multiple teasers, sky-high rumors, and what not; the entire space for the news is now suffused with the grandeur launch, which will take place on March 1st at the MWC 2015, Barcelona.

Quite apparently, it’s not that blazing debut which will be writing its success story.  For, we are concerned only on what the new Galaxy would have in it, the very exact propensity to put its predecessors’ failure story under the shadows.


A year has passed since Samsung met with a blow to their sheer dominance in the form of the S5 abortion. And it’s coherent that for all these times, brains have been plodding away to mark the S6 launch as their resurrection.

We may be welcomed with some unexpected novelties and state-of the-art in-builts. But Samsung must make sure they are well within what the users expect.

The South Korean manufacturer would certainly be playing it safe when it comes to the new display technology. Introduced first in Note 4, the Edge display is supposed to have a kindred introduction to the S6, coming off as a distinct model.

And it’s hinted that those are getting a bent this year, as Samsung has been stressing on the curved display on all its teasers. The launch of multiple variants would also be giving the choice down to the customers, rather than just sheltering themselves in case of any dismay. It only needs to be seen whether that would remain the sole area where they have complied with the users’ demands.

Samsung users could certainly feel the area of lag when put for a comparison. Yes, the annoyingly irksome TouchWiz UI, which has been curbing down the Android pleasures even in the most power-packed of all.


And it’s quite bizarre that even in an era where updates are being rolled out in a matter of quick times, Samsung is still plumping for its primitive interface. We certainly doesn’t want the same old S2 or S3 interface to welcome us when swiping through the S6 screen, and it’s time that they deliver something fresh, which shreds off the accustomed label from its interface.

As with it’s built, Samsung is keeping up with its promises that got their birth with the launch of Galaxy Alpha. The typical plastic form is slowly fading away and words are that S6 will be packing the fully metallic attire. But that must be done without any compromise to its dust and scratch resistant features which could be quite a tricky work.

As with the specs, it surely will be impressive, as it was always with its flagship phones. But we don’t want them to be accompanied by a software front that carries nothing more than just gimmicks. Yes, we did ponder for what those fingerprint scanners held good when we found them in the S5. Get rid of those for the sake of S6, as none expects Samsung to boast off their salient features to yield nothing more than just being at the receiving end of curses.

The above said has been the expectations we have been craving for, and if Samsung is keen to listen to the users unlike how they did it for S5, then we certainly could be witnessing the Future as hinted by them, on March 1st.

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