Tricks and Tweaks to Mend Your Non-Charging MacBook

February 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The sight of your MacBook yelling out loud to get the juice it demands is pretty sorrowful. That sight turns helpless when you have your MacBook showing up no sign of a battery charge, even when plugging in your charger.

The issues could be many, and the prime cause may be with your battery itself. But before you get your MacBook to the service centers for a check-up, here are some handy tips which you could go through. And who knows? Maybe you could turn lucky by skipping the need for a cure.

Chances are that you might have certainly checked the basics. Like safe and secure connection of the Apple adapters, plug-in of MagSafe, proper connection and so on. If done and dusted with all these, its time you head to Settings to detect the drain of any juice.


Make sure you have enabled the Energy Saver under the settings. Now that may not be lifting your juice in a quick manner, but at least it would be retarding the drain, which is certainly a blessing when you haven’t got the source.

Resetting your battery is the prime move recommended for battery fixing. Make sure you have it properly installed after removing it from your MacBook. If still not finding the light, you may be advised to reset your System Management Controller (SMC).

Have your Macs shutdown and connect the Magsafe adapter. Hold Control, Shift, Option and the Power button on your Mac for about four seconds, which will get the work done if you turn it on after that.

And in case if you still find your MacBook craving for battery juice then it’s time that you give a thought on replacing your battery. But make sure you have your Mac taken to the service centers before you move for the cure yourself.

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