Ryo Adapters: There’s No Way You Could Plug in Your USB the Wrong Way

February 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Year 2015 will be marked for the revolution of Type-C connectors that will strut their speed and reversibility. But we are not yet into the stage for their voluminous consumption, and may still have to wait for unearthing their caliber.

And as with the normal cables we are using, it’s still a muddle to run our eyes on a tiny little pointer that indicates the side to be stayed up or down.

Forget those tight corners. Why totter with the cables when you will soon have this tiny little adapter called Ryo, which is certainly the godsend for all.


We often end up with trouble whenever we plug in USBs the wrong way. And there would not be a single one among us who would have not yet got their hands in this scramble. Though not a big deal, ever knew that the persistent plugging of your cable likewise may lead to some minor damage in your ports? That’s why Ryo adapters prove to be a must-have for all.

Be it for our PCs, stereos, consoles or any other device, Ryo adapters will get rid of our worry to have your USB cables plugged the wrong way. Gone will be those times when we had to stare upon our old cables to fix with the final move with the sides, before being plugged-in.

Developed by the Ryo team led by Julian Chow, these tiny adapters provide support to all cables, including those for Android, iOS or any other devices. The small and compact device won’t also be causing any harm to the portability of our cables, thanks to its bulk-less design.


All we need to do is to plug in the Type-A end of the connectors to Ryo adapters; the rest is just menace-less times of plugging in cables, on either way into the ports.

Ryo adapters are now up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where it currently awaits feedback before the campaign goes live. A pack of three adapters could be availed for a backing of $15, with extra perks given out for additional backings.

Those include a cute reversible flash drive, named Kushi, which works the same way as Ryo, letting it to be plugged in either way. Shipping is expected to commence by September if they meet  the pledged goal of $15,000 by the month of April, upon which the crowdfunding campaign would have its curtains fall.

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