Microsoft Finally Ushers in Location Sharing Features on Windows Phone with a New App

February 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sharing is inevitable. And it looks like Microsoft had to wait this long to realize this. With their rival OS way ahead in the route, Microsoft is now finally showing up a location sharing feature for its Windows Phone OS.

Reported by Spanish Blog Microsoft Place, People Sense is the app that would be heading for Windows smartphones in a few months time, bringing the feature of sharing real-time locations.

Integration would be made with Bing services to enable the same, and would also include third-party support for further enriching the services.


Features like text messaging and call features are likely to be included with this app, which is also codenamed Buddy Aware.

However, it’s hinted that Microsoft’s app will enable location sharing with only Windows Phone contacts. That’s similar to Apple’s Find My Friend, but a comparison here could only be just namesake.

Apple’s large user base can set those parameters to trivial concerns, but that’s not the case with Windows Phone users.

Reports are that the app is only on its beta stage, variations could certainly be encompassed on its route ahead. Though, inclusion of cross-platform location sharing seems far out of a possible inclusion.

Hints are also that Microsoft may be bringing in the new app by March, possibly as a replacement for its Room services. The latter feature will be going down this March after letting its users to enter virtual chat rooms with friends and families for around two years on Windows smartphone.

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