LG Scouts for Partners to Expand OLED Series Presence in the TV Market

February 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

TV vendors this year will be making vows to expand their quantum dot TV range. LG is not on a different route. They have their own promises to push ahead with the quantum dot TVs, resulting in the launch of a new model today at Seoul.

But their journey is not laid across a single route. The South Korean manufacturers are eyeing a massive expansion in the TV segment, by holding on to the new technologies of quantum dot and Organic LED (OLED) at the same time.

And they have also kick-started measures to spruce up their new series into the markets.

Unveiling their new OLED TV range made with their proprietary WRGB OLED technology, LG has made clear of their stance to take the big steps in the coming years.


Their new unveiling is a stepping stone, as LG is aiming to bring up to 10 new OLED models into the market by the end of this year.

Although being the world’s second largest TV vendors, it doesn’t quite prove to be that easy. LG’s balance with the quantum dot technology and OLED technology would be given a check by its rivals.

With the quantum-dot technology proving to be cost-effective, also by being on standards with OLED, LG would have to hit hard. And, LG requires no word of advice to be sent out for alerting them with this very own fact.

As a measure to boost the OLED segment, the manufacturers are now on hunt for partners in the countries of China and Japan.
Arch rival Samsung, in the meanwhile, has dropped their push with OLED TVs, which gives LG a bigger hand in boosting their technology.

The lookout for new partners would seem a perfect way to leap on with their OLED TVs, as the initial measure would be to familiarize the technology among consumers.

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