YouTube Safe Content Browsing for Kids Spruces Up with New Dedicated App

February 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adult content videos often turn out to be a problem for kids and parents alike. More often than not, content inside are exposed in front the kids and thus turn out to be a major hassle.

Parents may not always able to make sure that their kids glued to the internet are browsing through objectionable video content. Even if the warnings pop up, kids might continue viewing.

And that becomes quite a mess when kids browse through the largest video database available online, YouTube. Parental blocking doesn’t quite become effective in such streaming services.


But they know what it can lead to. That’s why efforts have now reached positive territory with the advent of a dedicated app that would bring in safe-content video browsing among kids of age 12 or below.

YouTube Kids, designed by Mountain View, will tile only contents that seem suitable for kids of the specified age. The app will be rolling out on Android devices starting this Monday. And as of now, it has been made clear that the app will be finding its space on other platforms, including iOS devices.

Around 50% growth has been witnessed in the overall viewing time for YouTube videos, and it’s four times larger for the family entertainment section. Along with the rising viewers, YouTube has been met with persistent requests from parents for making the platform a better place for kids.

Also being featured in the app will be parent-controller timer, which will switch down the app after a specified period of time, removal of abusive or explicit comments and other related stuff.

The home screen features videos from popular kid shows arranged in tile-based manner. The app also pops-up re-directing messages in case of any mature-rated searches made by the kids.

YouTube hasn’t revealed whether it would involve any in-app advertisements. And in case if they do, we could even see a categorization being induced, like in the form of website related to toys or other kids stuff.

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