Twitter Account Sharing Now Gets Safer and Easier with Tweetdeck Teams

February 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

They say working together is fun. But the feel won’t be buoyed when it comes to social media accounts. Handing your account to other person has always proved to be a hassle. But with the new Teams feature from Tweetdeck, it’s time we get back to the teamwork with no sweat.

Tweetdeck, a multi-deck Twitter usage platform, has now announced the introduction of a feature called ‘Team’ that lets you plug-in multiple users to handle a Twitter account.

Eventually, it means you may not have to share your password to share your Twitter account. Also there’s the benefit of restricting a previously allowed user from being shared with your Twitter account.


The sole option of keeping off a single person from the shared account was to change your password, which also meant you would have to share your password yet again to the entire list to which you wish to share the account.

Users will now be able to just send an invite using the Tweetdeck platform once you are logged in, so as to share your Twitter account with the rest. Once accepted, the invitees could have access of the account by logging into Tweetdeck platform with their own accounts.

Users could sent out tweets under the shared account. And if they are made the admin, they could also add further members to the ‘Team’ and also follow/ unfollow other accounts. Members could be removed in a similar fashion from the ‘Accounts’ tab.

Much of the celebrity accounts in Twitter have been handled by multiple people, exposing the passwords and making their accounts vulnerable.

But with the new Team feature, it finally seems that an effective way of sharing Twitter accounts with someone else for letting him/her post in lieu of yourself has been made possible. Let us know what you feel about this.

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