Selfie Craze Treads on to 3D Terrain; Doob 3D Makes it Possible

February 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is the age of the selfie, and those who haven’t clicked themselves with their handhelds are considered far away from the tech advancement scenario. It is interesting to see how fast the selfie craze has caught up with the world’s population.

We even saw manufacturers rolling out selfie accessories like selfie-stick and the like too and that indeed cemented the popularity these self clicked photographs had in the social media age.  Okay what we would want to tell you now is about the latest craze in selfie town.

The new step has been taken by a Germany based company and they have started creating 3D selfie replicas of your body. The company in Dusseldorf , which goes by the name DOOB 3D, is now rolling out four-inch replica or selfie of your body with their technology.

doob 3d

The company lines up 54 DSLRs, 54 lenses, a complex 3D modeling pipeline, and a $80,000 full-colour 3D printer as well as a room-size scanning booth.

To have your 3D selfie,all you need to do is to step in and say cheese. Once you pose for the picture, the Doob-licator operator clicks all the cameras at once, to create a full-body scan in a fraction of a second.

The 18 MP images clicked thus are then given to the company’s proprietary software, so as to make a 3D model of yours. The process extends for a few hours as the printing speed is of 1.1 inches per hour.

Doob 3D has now installed 3D scanning booths in different locations around the globe, say reports. You can find one at their base, another at Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles, another in Tokyo and then in New York City’s Chelsea Market too.  More locations in the US will soon have these booths.

It is being reported that in New York alone, Doob 3D booths had more than 500 customers walking in to create 3D selfies during winter this year.

Sounds exciting? Wouldn’t you also want a 3D replica of yourself clicked at the Doob booth?

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