Xiaomi Lines Up Stateside Foray; Could Bring Accessories Initally to the US

February 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Xiaomi success story is something unique. The Chinese device maker in fact has managed to outpace rivals and has climbed on to a slot to be the third largest smart phone manufacturer in the world in just four years.

However, the company hasn’t been able to gain a foothold on the smart devices terrain in the United States. Virtually no one in the US seems to have owned a Xiaomi phone over this period, and that shows how bad the scene is for the devices from the company stateside.

Worry not. For Xiaomi is coming to the US in a while. Though it had seen a fair amount of success in the Asian region, Xiaomi hasn’t yet made foray into the North American or European shores, but it looks like the strategy is being altered.


Reports suggest that in a few months’ time, Xiaomi will make its debut in the US. But then, the marketing push for the US is rather on a smaller scale, as the company would be initially bringing in accessories such as headphones and smart wristbands only to the US.

The hints were dropped by none other than Xiaomi president Lin Bin and vice president Hugo Barra who after a presentation in San Francisco spoke about the US debut. The officials however haven’t said anything about possible plans of shipping its Mi smart phones and tablets stateside.

It looks like the company is treading cautiously before entering a major market. The new strategy may be seen as the company’s plan to test the waters with accessories before pushing in the smartphones on to the North American marketplace.

The company may also be worried about the carrier subsidies prevalent n the US as such a market could not be favorable for its devices. Carrier companies of the likes of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint control the US phone market and Xiaomi wouldn’t want someone else to call the shots.

All said, it looks like Xiaomi has a solid strategy in place for the American market. We need to see how Apple would want to see the competition brewing strong.

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