Britain Streets Welcome Driverless Cars; Authorities Give the Nod

February 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

So finally, we will have autonomous cars being taken out for test not just along the streets of California, but also towards the eastern side of the map.

Britain officials, on Wednesday, have said that driverless cars are now granted the permission to run on its streets.

In a positive move towards adopting the future driving technology, Britain officials have said that four semi-driverless tests will be carried out across the streets. The announcement was made by Transport Minister Claire Perry while unveiling the new prototype for driverless car in London.


A sum of GBP 19-million ($28.9 million) will be spent for the test purposes by Britain government across various locations, which would include the streets of Greenwich, Bristol and Melton Keyes.

The driverless pod which was unveiled for the test is designed to be run on battery and has a range of up to 40 miles, with a speed of around 15 miles an hour.

It will be tested in Greenwich and Melton Keyes, while the test across Bristol will be carried out by BAE Systems on a driverless jeep.

Although no official barriers hinder the testing of driverless vehicles, Britain rules hold certain stumble blocks for the process in its Highway Codes, which are expected to be modified for the smooth run of driverless vehicles across its streets.

Speaking of the safety offering by driverless cars, the government also said that the autonomous vehicles will also be paving the way for manufacturing industries to offer skilled jobs.

A net worth of GBP 900 billion is expected to be raked in by driverless car industry by 2025, as per the officials.

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