Samsung TVs Could be Eavesdropping on Your Private Conversations

February 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Conversations demanding privacy are bound to be restricted within the four walls of a living room. That’s a norm in our families, right? But if you own a Samsung TV, you are at risk.

Samsung has revealed that their web-based TV that arrives with voice recognition can eavesdrop on your private conversation and may even send it out to third party services.

In an e-mailed statement, they say that users are guided through a privacy policy in which they accept the TVs to turn the voice recognition services on. And with that turned on, the smart TVs from Samsung just became even smarter. The policy reads that sensitive information from your word could be transferred to third party services.

samsung tv

However Samsung has stepped forward to make their users feel fully safe about privacy aspects. They have said that the voice data is send to a third party only when a voice command or voice search is requested.

Samsung has added that industry-standard security safeguards and practices have been made a must for all their Smart TVs, to assure that the personal info of their customer remains personal.

Samsung has said that microphone can be activated or de-activated at any time. User can also skip when the page asks you to agree the privacy policy; however that could restrict them from using many services.

Samsung has not been the first in line to be recoiled in terms of customer-privacy. Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, have all met with similar issues and has come up with their own assurances. Apple had also last year updated their privacy policy to ensure the deep breath for its customers.

Microsoft is also not fetched far from similar controversies. Their Kinect feature was met with a heavy reprisal from the internet world when it was revealed that it could catch all your conversations.

Although with repeated assurances, Samsung is now walking on the similar path of Kinect with wide backlash arriving from analysts as well as users. Reports are that the same has caused even for a notable share drop for the South Korean company.

They are sure to catch up with that by putting forward some explanations. And as for the customers, it’s advised that you put up a board that says ‘private conversations strictly prohibited’ in your living rooms where your Samsung TV is up for eavesdropping!!

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