Cortana All Set to Assist You in MS Office; Leaks Suggest

February 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With Windows 10, Microsoft is gearing up to wipe out all the faults that led to the wide disapproval among users with its Windows 8 OS.

And as prime step towards that, we have seen the Microsoft consumer and business revelations that hinted at the voice assistant service of Cortana to be an integral part of the OS. Now we have the news that Cortana may be finding its space in even more services.

Verge has reported that Microsoft is currently in the works for a new ‘Work Assistant’ for MS Office, which will be seemingly integrating the Cortana services with it. And yes that means you would be able open, edit, save and share documents with just voice commands.

They are currently only in the initial stages. But inside sources reveal that Cortana will be stepping onto cross-platform usage terrain.

Android and iOS can be soon seen assisting you with Cortana services, going by the hints. And that doesn’t come as a sudden surprise.

Recently, they opened their cross-platform account with MS Office on Android and iOS. Back in November, the news was also confirmed by Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green, who assured us that the new digital assistant may also be not just limited for Windows 10 usage.

Although seeming like the Clippy assistant that was used in the early versions of Office, Microsoft’s new Word Assistant can ride through a fortune.

Far from being an instant hit, the recently revealed Cortana services for Windows 10 has been making the geeks await for the upcoming OS and if lending similar services with the virtual assistant for MS Office, Cortana could bring out something which finally has some saying.

Work is now progressing at Microsoft to further integrate its Cortana services to the upcoming Windows 10 OS and the newly announced browser Spartan.

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