Facebook and LinkedIn Join Hands to Broaden Women Presence in Tech Jobs

February 7, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Two players! One of them is a prominent name when it comes to social networking, and the other the leading name in the job-oriented networking scenario.

There won’t be much hurdles when these two decide to rub shoulders. And what they wish is to replace a share of the men dominated posts in the tech world with women employees.

Facebook and LinkedIn have realized that the women presence in tech jobs is drastically down. Numbers within their offices also don’t offer much relief.

women_in_techWhile Facebook can say they have been doing a decent job with 31% of women employees, their tech department is still seeing shortage of women.

Only 15% of the tech employees in Facebook are currently women. LinkedIn, in the meantime, has got only 17% women employees on their technical front. Figures among other tech firms are around the same lines or may be even less.

In an effort to bring an uplift to the scenario, the two social networking firms will now have a joint effort starting right at the college levels. Mentoring and support campaigns will now be made possible across colleges by the two companies so as to bring a lift to the women presence in tech firms.

The aim is to get women to deal more with the technological studies, while the two companies will also foresee a future where more women are recruited.

The new joint initiative was announced by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and LinkedIn CEO Jeffrey Weiner. The latter spoke of gender equity demand in the firms, including LinkedIn, for a better service.

They also hope the initiative to seen an expansion over time with the involvement of further firms and universities towards this goal.

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