Japanese Hotel Manned by Robot Staff; Check In, the Future is Here

February 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The next time you plan your trip to the country of Japan, make sure you make it during post-July this year. Also make sure you head for the hotel named Henn-na. Chances are that you will find your trip amusing than ever.

The hotel staff welcoming you and guiding your way to your room doors won’t be the usual smiling, sometimes boring, human faces. Instead, you will be welcomed by the power of robotics.

Henn-na hotels, which will be opening its doors to the public this July, is one of its kind and the first to have a robotic crew on-board. Located inside the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki, the Henn-a Hotel will have almost its entire staff in the form of robots to make your day.


And these robots will offer almost all the services that are carried out by the humans; ranging from room cleaning to attending the reception desk to even carrying your luggage safely to your rooms.

The initial service staff would include around ten robots working alongside humans, which the company aims to expand. Huis Ten Bosch president Hideo Sawada says that in the future, around 90% of the staff inside the hotel will be powered by computing world.

Apart from that, the company has also been embracing various cutting edge features to make the hotel ‘the most efficient’ in the world. One among these includes the automatic temperature control of rooms by detection of body heat with the help of radiation panels.

And don’t expect the robotic services to be force you to shell out extra shillings. By the robotic replacement, the company will have its labor cost cut down, eventually bringing down the rates for your stay. A single night stay would cost you $60 for a single room, while some extra space will add the cost only by $20.


For a country which is also one of the last words for robotic technology, hotels are not just the only areas where robotics will be trying out their hands. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is also set to unveil their new robot, named Nao, to assist the banking services across their branches from April.

It’s really the time to believe those surrealistic scenes from futuristic Sci-Fi movies, for which we have stood dropping our jaws. Good for the mankind, but let’s hope it doesn’t entirely turn out to be the way as depicted in movies. We certainly wouldn’t wish to encounter a real-life Agent Smith for being pulled in to the matrix, would we?

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