Gtalk Set for Doomsday; Users Need to Shift to Google Hangouts

February 6, 2015, By Daniel Rapcencu

Gtalk users are now left with no option than to find their last resort on the Chrome Browser to carry out their conversations with the Google contacts.

The tech giant has announced that the iconic Gtalk services will be shut down this month, on 16th, following which users could rely on Hangouts for similar or even advanced services.

Google could be shutting down Gtalk as a last resort towards shifting users from Gtalk to Hangouts. Earlier, Gtalk services were replaced on the smartphone platform with the Hangouts app. And now by February 16th, users will have to follow the same, except that Hangouts won’t be available as a distinct app.


The Hangouts services are currently available as an extension for the Google Chrome and there seems to be no plan to offer a separate app by Google. Hints of the Gtalk shutdown were earlier sent out when Google terminated the updates and support to the Gtalk application.

Launched in 2005, Gtalk grabbed the online minds instantly with its swift and easier channel for instant messaging services. The services were expanded over the time, like voice call features, video call features, and Orkut integration.

However, with the release of Google+ Hangouts in 2013, Google shifted all attention to the new services and started shedding the services one by one for the former.

At the time of announcement, Google said that Hangouts will be replacing the then-available three messenger services from Google; Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and the original Google+ Hangout video chat service.

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