Apple Keen on Web-based TV Services Launch; Talks Now On with TV Programmers

February 5, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Recode is up again with another hearsay concerning Apple; but this time not for its upcoming iPhone or iPad. Reports are that the tech giants are now in parleys to work out their well desired TV services.

Apple is now in talks with programmers that include live demos of the services to induce their new internet based TV services.

However, these are on the early stages, as per the hint. Not all programmers have been contacted by Apple until now and they haven’t also revealed any detail on the pricing or time of launch. But they would be speeding up things as they have been long linked with their interest with the TV services.

apple tv

The Cupertino based company launched the Apple TV micro console back in 2012 for video stream services. But since its launch, much progress hasn’t been witnessed with the digital media player, failing to offer any major update for the past two years. The company has said that they were looking for brighter prospects so as to make the contribution bigger.

Apple’s new TV services won’t be much of a novel attempt and would be similar to the ones like Dish’s Sling TV services. The web based TV stream service would just be yet another one, but altered for the shades and tastes of Apple. And they have a rival even within the tech-world.

Sony is planning to launch the PlayStation Vue services in the near time and has an offering of up to 75 channels, which is quite large compared to the 12-channel offering from Dish. But that’s for a modest charge of $20 a month.

Sony hasn’t yet revealed much about its pricing and neither has Apple. Only if they could shed some more info, we could be well aware of who could gain an edge over the rest.

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